Alpine Bluebell Strip Wax -500gm

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Alpine Bluebell Strip Wax

Lavender Fragrance
Lavender essential oil softens the skin.
Super glide technology provides fast, fine application.
Superior grip, no residue.
Recommended for all skin and the shortest, toughest hair.

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Synthetic Wax

The Royal Bluebell is a violet coloured Australian wildflower and the floral emblem of the Australian Capital Territory.  Royal Bluebell occurs mainly in sub-alpine woodland in the Australian Capital Territory, south-eastern New South Wales and Victoria. It is suitable for growing in sunny or semi-shaded positions in cool regions.  The Royal Blue Bell makes a great ground cover and grows very well in shallow pots and hanging baskets. Jax Wax Australia’s Alpine Bluebell has been formulated to be used in all types of climates from cool Alpine regions to mild temperate areas. The Australian indigenous Wurundjerri people used the flowers as bush tucker for a very long time.  Jax Wax Australia’s Alpine Bluebell Wax is a versatile wax suitable for a wide range of treatment areas from delicate facial waxing to a full leg wax.

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