Cuccio Pro Powder Polish 5591 Salmon W/Silver Mica Colour 45gm

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This unique nail colour technology offers a new method of strengthening the nail using a finely pigmented powder with an adhesive, instead of traditional monomer. The application only utilises a special resin, activator, and finely milled acrylic powders. The end result of this odourless application is a beautiful, vibrant set of nail colour that lasts up to 14 days, has an amazing high gloss shine and is easy-to-apply. 

Cuccio Pro Dip system requires fewer tools and the learning curve isn’t as difficult because there is no need for acrylic brushes to build the nail, no curing lamps, electric fans or French cutting tools needed.

It is also priced to help today’s professional nail technician to build a profitable dip colour service for their salon or spa.

Why choose Cuccio Pro?

Cuccio Pro is an all-inclusive professional line of innovative products to deliver new and trend setting services to help the nail professional stay ahead in today’s competitive salon environment.


  • No Odours

  • No Electric filling

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to apply

The coloured dip powders offered in dip systems are specifically blended with pigmentation, allowing nail techs endless opportunities to get creative and mix colours of the client’s choice.

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