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“Powerful, rechargeable and cordless! The Mitty Portable Nail Drill is a professional e-file system featuring a light-weight, battery-powered and acetone resistant body. It’s smooth and quiet design, along with 10-hour battery life, make this piece a must-have for professional nail technicians. Take your nail game to the next level with Mitty innovative collection of nail electronics.”

This Drill is it. We think this is the most powerful, smooth, quiet drill EVER!

So what actually makes a drill better than another?

Is it the RPM, 35,000 RPM…. Nope! Most drills have the ability to achieve 35,000 RPM. Not that you will likely ever put the drill onto top, top speed, its just too fast and risks damaging the nail bed. So don’t be fooled into believing that’s how powerful a drill is.

Is it battery Life? Can be. The Mitty Drill battery life is up to 8-10 hours with a 2 hour re-charge. Other less quality drills will last half as long as a Mitty Drill.

Is it the Noise? Again can be. The Mitty Drill is….Smoooth, quiet, vibration FREE. A much better drill to work with and a lot better experience for your client. Other less quality drills vibrate up you arm, make enough noise to make your client nervous, not Mitty.

Is it being portable? Again can be. The Mitty Drill is totally portable and amazing for both manicures & Pedicures. Your Mitty drills comes with a Hip holster & Pack up carry case too take your Mitty drill anywhere you need a nail drill…..Bonus!

A Digital display? Any drill that is at least half decent should have an easy to use and see digital display. It is 2020 not 1979. Your Mitty drill has a easy to see, easy to understand full digital display so you can at a glance see what speed you are, battery life, power level.

Is it the motor? Yes 100%. Your Mitty Drill has a brushless Motor compared to cheaper carbon motors in most drills. So what does this mean? Longer motor life, longer use time, And much quieter , quicker, easy to use. (just google the difference between brushless motors and carbon motors, its a huge difference)

Is it Power? YES! YES! YES! Your Mitty Drill is in most cases twice as powerful as other drills. How do we measure this? Its the output voltage or and easier term, the torque. Your Mitty drill has an output voltage of 24v, meaning MEGA power, MEGA torque. The Mitty drill won’t die on you when you try to remove big thicker enhancements. The Mitty drill just powers through…..its amazing. Other drills are only 12v Output voltage (some don’t even mention output voltage and go on about 35,000 RPM. If this is the case just about guaranteed the drill is only 12v output), weak, no power and over heats quickly when you have to really remove enhancement’s.)

The Mitty Drill has been tested by Salons around Australia before release with amazing feedback. The Mitty Drill is quality guaranteed, the best drill ever (well, we think so). 100% premium Salon quality. You simply won’t find better.


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