NEUDSKIN Makeup Remover Cloth

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Keeping the environment in mind.
✔︎ Sustainable Makeup Remover
✔︎ Free From Chemicals
✔︎ Last 3-5 Years
✔︎ Reusable
✔︎ Machine Washable
✔︎ Great For Sensitive Skin

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Keeping the environment in mind.

Some disposable wipe consist of the chemicals are high levels of preservatives, alcohol and anti-bacterial agents these wipes are then rubbed onto our skin and specifically around the delicate and thinner skin of the eye area. The high levels of alcohol can cause excessive dryness, premature ageing and at best, irritations.

Ineffective Cleansing

Wet wipes rely on surfactants, which dissolve makeup, as well as solubilizes and emulsifiers that help lift makeup, oil and dead skin.

To Flush Or Not To Flush

There is an increasing global issue with wet wipes in our sewage systems. Blocked pipes can lead to sewage overflows into our homes and creeks. Over 75 percent of blockages involve flushed wet wipes.

More Land fill

Facial wipes are non-biodegradable and beware of the ones that claim they do.

Your Wallet

They are an expensive option to cleansing relative to liquid cleansers, soap, flannels and running water

The Solution

Neudskin Makeup Remover

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