SuperNail ProDip Harvest Gold 25gm

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A coloured dipping powder for use with SuperNail’s ProDip acrylic dipping system. Create long lasting nail enhancements in no time.

Creates natural looking, lightweight nails
No sculpting needed
Minimal filing
10 minute removal process
No UV light needed to cure
Can be used over entire nail or to fix crack and splits

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This professional dipping system saves you time without sacrificing quality or consistency. Minimal filing is required to get your nails ready for powder application. There is no need to sculpt or cure under UV light avoiding potential damage to the natural nail. ProDip powders are odourless and lightweight for comfortable applications and extended wear. ProDip can be used over the entire nail to create a shield from cracks or splits. Your natural nails are protected to continue to grow underneath. Removing ProDip is easy and effortless, with a quick 10 minute soak-off time.

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