Sydney Waratah Beaded Hot Wax -1Kg

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Sydney Waratah Beads

Strawberry Fragrance
Designed for coarse, strong hair.
Superior grip, quick drying whilst remaining pliable, easy to apply.
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Pine & Synthetic Wax
Waratah is New South Wales’ floral emblem.  The name waratah comes from the Eora Aboriginal people, the original inhabitants of the Sydney area and means ‘red flowering tree’.  Aboriginal people would sip the dew from the Waratah in the early morning, its invigorating essence believed to bring courage, especially when one is ill. The nectar was also ingested, providing a sweet treat. Jax Wax Australia Sydney Waratah Wax has an enticing sweet strawberry fragrance which is easy to apply, and is quick drying while remaining pliable. Waratahs can be found in scrublands and open forests and thrives in areas with cold and semi-tropical climate. Jax Wax Australia Sydney Waratah Wax is formulated for a range of climates and is the ideal wax for coarse strong hair. The Waratah has large, oblong, leathery leaves with coarsely toothed edges and its flowers are made up of many bright red small flowers which looks like one flower.

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